In today’s world, parenting has suddenly got very hard. In many cases both parents work and there is no one person dedicated to raising kids. Keeping track of kids activities and juggling other obligations can end up being very stressful. In such an environment, it is extremely important that parents focus intentionally on doing fun things with their kids.

I recently stumbled upon this guide of 101 Fun Things To Do With Kids To Enjoy Everyday Family Life and found it to be extremely handy in my own commitment to infuse more fun in our everyday life. As the guide promises, the more intentional I was the easier it became to find fun in our daily activities which used to feel stressful or boring before.

Here are a 4 things that I have tried that works best for our family

  1. Make breakfast fun: My kids are not big fans of breakfast and this used to be a biggest stress point. They always just want to either grab something on the go or skip breakfast entirely. In order to encourage everyone to sit down for a quick breakfast as a family, I devised a game. Whoever was the first one to finish breakfast, while maintaining the best attitude throughout breakfast, would be the captain of the day and would get to make decisions throughout the day. The kid of decisions they make are simple – for instance what songs to listen to while we drive to school, whether we have peas or broccoli with dinner and so on. But it gives them a sense of being in power and the kids can’t come to breakfast soon enough these days.
  1. Lunchbox notes: I have got into the habit of scribbling little notes for my kids and sneak it into their lunch boxes. At first they were surprised but eventually started to catch on. Every day on the way to school they would ask me if I remembered to put the note in there and when I picked them up in the evening we’d discuss the day’s notes. Some days it was a just a simple “I love You” message. Other days, it was a small doodle. Or an inspiring quote. Or a funny joke. I mix it up to keep them guessing and we all love it!
  1. Stop at the park for 10 minutes every day that weather permits: This has by far been the best decision I’ve made on this front so far. We normally don’t have a lot of time on weekday evenings to play in the park, so we actually set a timer for 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes of running around for the kids, and unwinding from my day so I can leave the work at work and get back home to focus on the kids has been huge for our family. It is now one of the best parts of our day!
  1. Have dinner together: There is a ton of research that shows that kids who eat dinner with families grow up not just with healthier eating habits, but with higher self-esteem and are less likely to get involved in drugs. And this can be a great time for you to engage with your kids and develop strong bonds. Is there a better way to enjoy being a parent?

At the end of the day, it boils down to this – life is too short to get stressed about. Be intentional about doing fun things with your kids, and rest of the things automatically fall in place!

As we, all know that the skin is a significant part of our body and it is something that we must take care of to live a healthy and glowing life. There are loads of natural care items, aromatherapy items and also read more about them along with organic items accessible on the marketplace by which you can enhance the skin health. All these items will offer good benefits for your skin. Since the age of an individual mount, the skin also starts to lose its suppleness. As a result, superior care is necessary for all to preserve the body attraction. Balanced and healthy diet along with excess weight decreasing can moreover make your body skin shine more and look lovely. Do not make use of chemical in skin care procedure as it will harm your skin and at times, it will also cause a few other severe health troubles. All the time have a preference for organic items that will not damage your skin. Moreover, it will not make any type of health troubles.

The advantages of aromatherapy products and natural care are influential in the concern of the skin. The major thing you have to ensure is the elements of the products that will give you a thought regarding the upshots it can make. Nowadays majority of the products have chemical elements and it is superior to check with a doctor if possible a skin care specialist before using any items that have chemical substances. If you are using aromatherapy products then there is no necessitate to check with a doctor as these items will not create any type of side effects. We all are aware that vitamin C is nice for health. Well, it is outstanding for the skin furthermore is safe too. This Vitamin is an antioxidant moreover has been exposed to augment collagen synthesis. Vitamin C also safeguard the skin from injure of sunlight UV rays. This does not sense that a sunscreen can be neglected; nevertheless, products having vitamin C will in fact be more likely to be competent to counterbalance free radicals. This vitamin should be incorporated in all skin care item for obtaining the best and quick results. You can get aromatherapy products on along with the description of the products.

Retinol is the normal form of Vitamin A that is outstanding for skin care, which is intended to redevelop and revitalize the skin. It is chiefly effectual on sensitive skin since it does not source redness or else peeling. Natural oils utilized as skin care must be cold pressed. The most helpful plant oils such as rosehip, borage along with evening primrose are polyunsaturated this sense that oxidizes as well as turns rancid extremely quickly. A number of natural skin care items make use of synthetic preservatives in addition to natural preservatives like wheat germ oil. Few common natural skin care elements are, purified water, Aloe Vera, cold-pressed oils like jojoba, safflower, olive oil, sweet almond, and so on. You have to keep away from products that include petrolatum, mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol, SLS and SLES, phthalates.

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It is true that it is not one of the most popular questions and most of the men are unaware about mirena but women are well aware about mirena as it is one of the most popular contraceptive options which is opted by most of the women. It is true that it is highly efficient and it remains active for about 4 to 5 years, which is a long duration, but apart from all these benefits, there are a number of side effects associated with the use of the mirena. IUD bleeding is a common problem which occurs because of mirena use.

Is it the best contraceptive option available?

It is true that many think that mirena is not just any IUD, in fact it is more than that. The working and the efficiency of this device makes it the best contraceptive option but in reality it is harmful for the health of the person using it.

How does it work?

Mirena contains a hormone which is known by the name of levonorgestrel, the hormone contained in this device is synthetic. This very hormone prevents ovulation and even if ovulation occurs, this very device will prevent the sperm from reaching the ovum. Even if this doesn’t work and a baby starts its journey to the fallopian tube then it faces IUD which ends its life and ultimately early term abortion occurs, which prevents pregnancy.

Though any experts claim that it doesn’t affect fertility, but then also they cannot deny about the numerous side effects which Mirena has. The list of side effects easily outweighs the efficiency and long validity of this contraceptive device.

If you have a desire to lead a healthy and happy life, then you should avoid the use of the Mirena. Though you will have to be more careful for avoiding unwanted pregnancy, but with mirena in your body you won’t be able to lead a healthy life. Click here for details.

The list of side effects is very long. Few of the common side effects are intermenstrual bleeding & spotting, amenorrhea, migraines, acne, headache, mood swing and depression. If you have any doubt about this then you can search online and can read the personal experiences of millions of women who have suffered because of the use of this contraceptive device.

By simply entering “Mirena” in the search engine you will get the contact details of firms and lawyers offering their help to the victims of mirena. You can get the idea why it is suggested to avoid the use of mirena.

Why should you invest in a water ionizer instead of buying bottled water or drinking tap water?  Because only ionized water from EOS water ionizers has a powerful antioxidant that will detoxify your body.

Bottled water and tap water both have the same problem -- they are both removed from their natural source and stored for long periods of time.  In the case of bottled water, water is removed from it's natural source, like a spring, and stored inside a plastic bottled for potentially months before you ever drink it.

Tap water is pumped from natural aquifers and other natural water sources and then stored in municipal tanks and treated with chemicals.

The end result in both methods is that all the natural ions fizzle away.  Natural water, like from a longevity spring or glacial stream, is naturally ionized from the sun.  All those natural ions combine with the hydrogen in water to form hydro lions, which is water's natural antioxidant.

But when you remove water from its natural source and store it in a bottle or tank, all of those hydroxyl ions fizzle away like carbonation fizzles out of a soda, leaving the water stagnant.

Drinking stagnant water is not a healthy choice.  Instead of neutralizing free radicals in your cells like good ionized water, stagnant water will damage your cells by adding even more free radicals.  Over time this increase oxidative stress will lead to acidosis of your body and set you up for illnesses and diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, and even poor sleep, depression and anxiety.

Water ionizers come in either a countertop or under your sink style.  A countertop water ionizer has the plates, filters, and electronics built into a 13 by 13 by 7 inch shell with buttons and an LCD screen on the front panel.  The countertop water ionizer can connect directly to your faucet by unscrewing the existing aerator and screwing in the provided faucet water diverter valve.

To use your countertop water ionizer, just press the lever on the diverter valve, which will divert tap water to the water ionizer.  If you press the lever the other way, water will flow from your kitchen faucet normally.

An under sink water ionizer has the plates and filters and the shell all stored under your sink while the LCD screen and buttons are built into a faucet the installs above your sink.  The faucet will fit into any standard utility hole on your sink, usually where a sprayer or soap dispenser is installed.

Both the countertop and under sink water ionizer will filter your tap water to 99.99% purity, removing all the chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, nitrates and nitrites, pharmaceutical drugs, and more.  Then this purified water is sent to a water electrolysis chamber full of platinum and titanium plates hooked up to positive and negative electrodes that will replicated the sun's natural process of ionizing water, creating the exact same quality antioxidants.

The end result is that a water ionizer produces more antioxidants in a single glass of water than are in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!  These powerful antioxidants will lower oxidative stress levels in your cells and detoxify your body, making any health condition you're facing better and prevent illness and diseases in the future.

Also, ionized water is very light and delicious when you drink it, so it will be easy to keep up with the 6 to 8 glasses of water that most doctors recommend that you drink.

Most importantly, ionized water will only cost you about 2 cents a liter!

So, unless you live next to a natural longevity spring or glacial stream, the only way you can drink ionized water full of antioxidants is to purchase a water ionizer.  Please check out our full selection at

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