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Entrepreneurs: How to Build a Quality Music Production Studio

Starting your own business is exciting, especially when it involves a passion of yours. If you’re a music producer (or aspiring musician), then you may want to consider building a home studio. With it, you can make your own music or work with others who are looking to become a known artist. The extent of your services will be determined by your skill set.

The following are tips for putting together a solid music studio using a space in your home.

Identify What Services You Want to Offer

Before you begin purchasing equipment for your music studio, you should first identify which of your skills you will be offering to the public (if any). Are you looking to make jingles for businesses? Or do you want to invite singers and rappers to your home to record over the beats you compose? Maybe, you wouldn’t mind allowing others to rent your studio to lay down their own tracks. Consider all of this when deciding what type of equipment you’ll need.

Purchase Quality Gear

The typical gear you will need to jumpstart your music production business includes a keyboard, interface, monitors, amps and microphone and sound reduction foam to reduce the echo while recording. Then there are additional equipment you can purchase to make your job easier, such as a drum pad machine, music software (i.e. Reason, Presonus, etc) and plug-ins. You can find many of these items for sale from reputable shops like Guitar Center.

Make Sure You Have a Top-Notch Computer

Some musicians like to use Macbooks, while others opt for a PC with a Windows operating system. Whichever way you decide to go, ensure it’s a quality computer with all the bells and whistles. You should find one that offers more than the basic requirements to operate your various software and equipment. The most important components in your computer will be your processor, memory RAM and hard drive space and speed. Together, these components can either give you a great experience or a poor one. Remember, running a lot of equipment and software through your computer will slow it down, causing the recording quality to diminish. It can also crash, potentially erasing your most recent files.

With these quick tips, you should be able to get started creating your own studio!